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Guofeng Seventeen Plum Tree

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Guofeng Seventeen Plum Tree

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  • Date:2019/12/06
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Code-named "06-19-17 '", was researched by Li Xing Research Institute of Fruit Science Institute of Liaoning Province in 2005 using "Haicheng Apple Plum" as the female parent and "Hunter (Qiu Ji)" as the male parent. A new late-maturing, high-quality plum variety. The variety has a round shape of fruit and a top-convex fruit, with an average single fruit weight of 118.59 and a large fruit weight of 142.5g. The background color of the peel is yellow-green. Red, fleshy, hard and crisp, high edible rate; semi-nucleated, nucleus oval, rough nuclear surface; fruit juice, rich flavor, semi-nucleated, soluble solid content 14.8%, soluble sugar content 10.3%, titratable acid The content is 1.1%, Vc5.1mg / 100g, and the hardness is 4.3kg / cm2. The fruit development period is about 120, and the small stone shed in Gaizhou matured in mid-late August. This variety has high quality, storage, large fruit, beautiful appearance, and cold resistance. Strong characteristics.