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Ping Ou 110 (82-11)

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Ping Ou 110 (82-11)

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  • Date:2019/12/06
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Name: Ping Ou 110 (82-11)

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Release date :2008-2-28 14:28:07



Ping Ou 110 (82-11)

The loquat tree is moderate, the tree is open, and the crown is medium. Nut conical, reddish brown, beautiful. The average weight of a single fruit is 3.0 grams, the shell thickness is medium, and the kernel yield is 41%. The kernels are full, smooth, and the kernel peels easily, and the flavor is good. Early fruit and high yield are both strong. The average plant yield of 7-8 years old is 1.4 kg. It has strong overwintering ability and can withstand low temperature of -30 ℃ during dormant period. It is suitable for cultivation in areas with average annual temperature above 7.0 ℃.