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Caution when buying hazelnut seedlings

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Caution when buying hazelnut seedlings

Date:2019-09-27 Author: Click:

Many customers pay most attention to the price when buying seedlings. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. When buying seedlings, you must understand a few points. You can't just focus on the price but not the actual problem. This can easily lead to a small disadvantage and a big loss. Hazelnut seedling varieties

1. The first choice is to determine the variety, and choose the best variety that is suitable for the natural climatic conditions and soil in the region. If you choose the wrong variety, frost damage, stripping, no results, or even the entire plant will die, and eventually it will fail. So variety selection is crucial.

2. Select a good root system. The plant root system is an active absorbing organ and synthetic organ. The growth and vitality of the root directly affect the growth and nutritional status and yield level of the above ground. High-quality seedling root system should be explored from the following aspects.

(1) It must be a lignified root. The performance of the lignified root is particularly hard, particularly straight, and particularly long.

(2) There is a capillary root system on the main root of lignification.

(3) A good seedling has at least five or more lignified root systems.

(4) When the seedlings are stored in winter, if they are not stored well (especially in the warm winters of recent years), there may be a fever (root fever fever), so that the seedlings cannot understand it. Therefore, when purchasing the seedlings, scrape the outermost epidermis of the root system with your nails to see if the inside is fresh milky white or black or yellow. If it is milky white, you can rest assured to buy it. If it is black or yellow, you must not buy it. On the surface, the seedlings are still fresh, but the root system is dead, and the survival rate is almost zero.

(5) There is also a kind of seedling root that is very tender and soft when touched by hand, and is pulled into a ball, so that the seedling root is an immature root system and cannot be purchased.

3. Look at the dryness of the seedlings. If the winter storage of the seedlings is placed outside and not covered, the dried seedlings will easily lose water.

4. Look at the buds. Good seedlings have many buds, and the buds are fresh and full, which indicates that after the planting, there will be many branches and vigorous growth.

5. Rhizome thickness and seedling height: The rhizome is thick and suitable.

Under the conditions of the above several conditions, the seedlings will then consult the price.

The diameter of the pure varieties of large fruit hazelnut seedlings with a diameter of 0.8-1.0CM is 4-8 yuan, 1.0-1.50CM is 8-15 yuan, 1.5-2.0CM is 15-20 yuan, and 2.0-3.0CM is 20 The price of -40 yuan 3.0-4.0 is about 100 yuan, and the price of 5.0CM and above is 200 yuan.

In recent years, the seedling market has been particularly chaotic. In order to obtain benefits, some seedling traders have bought seedlings everywhere, regardless of their quality and variety, regardless of region.