Demonstration nursery of hybrid large fruit hazelnuts in the animal husbandry orchard of Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences. This nursery has introduced dozens of excellent hybrid large fruit hazelnuts since the late 1990s. Under the technical guidance of many experts in the Institute of Fruit Trees, the introduced varieties have been adopted for more than 10 years. Conducted systematic research, made breakthrough progress in hybrid large fruit hazelnut seedling and cultivation technology, and participated in the project of "screening of hybrid cold hazelnut varieties and cultivation technology research" which passed the provincial achievement identification in 2008. And won the recommended model nurserymore>>


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I. Production and Consumption of Hazelnuts At present, there are 16 species of Hazel plants in the world, including 8 species originating in China, 2 species in the US, and 6 species in Europe. Filbert is an important cultivated tree species in the genus Hazel. Its excellent varieties have the characteristics of large fruits, high kernel yield, and high yield. It is the only tree species widely used in the genus Hazel, and is generally considered to be the history of intensive cultivation The longest (more than 1,000 years of cultivation history), the widest range and the largest yield, this species is mainly used in hazel trees cultivated in Europe, Central Asia and North America.



Xinxin Xiangrong Hazelnut Products

Advantages of Hazelnut Professional CooperativeStriving to be a domestic first-class industry leader

New varieties, new industries

Gaizhou City Xinxin Xiangrong Hazelnut Professional Cooperative established the Hazelnut Research Institute and was headed by an expert

Low cultivation cost, easy management and high efficiency

Hazelnut tree cultivation requires suitable agricultural and forestry technologies. Compared with other fruit trees, hazelnuts have lower requirements on soil and planting terrain, and the cost is relatively low.

Nuts resistant to storage

Hazelnuts are shaped like chestnuts, with a hard shell, durable storage, white and round nuts, aroma, high oil content, particularly delicious, and a lingering aftertaste. 

Can be processed into a variety of foods

Hazelnuts can be eaten directly, and can be processed into various delicious foods such as hazelnut powder and hazelnut sauce. Nuts are also an important auxiliary material for many candies and cakes. 

High nutritional value and large market consumption

Hazelnuts are rich in nutrients. In addition to the protein, fat, and sugars contained in nuts, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin E are also abundant. Hazelnuts have all the 8 amino acids required by the human body. Its content is much higher than walnuts


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